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Waste not, want not

Food waste is a growing concern around the world. In the UK alone, eight million of us will struggle to put food on the table today. Yet we continue to throw away seven million tonnes of food and drink each year. 

As a location catering company, this is a bitter pill to swallow. Our reputation for providing generous amounts of everything often results in there being leftovers. As a result, we feel a responsibility to step up to the plate. 

Whilst we encourage crews to come up for seconds, thirds, or fourths for those who simply can’t get enough, there’s only so many dauphinoise potatoes one can indulge themselves in. Let’s be honest, eating ourselves into an obesity epidemic is definitely not the solution to ending food waste…

A scene in the film Matilda where Bruce is eating cake

However, turning a blind eye to the situation is no longer excusable. With the global population set to rise to over 9.5 billion by 2050, there are huge pressures facing the world’s food system. It's currently estimated that one third of the world's food is wasted each year. That's enough to end world poverty. Full stop.

But you know what they say? when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So we asked ourselves the million dollar question. How do we continue to provide the the winning formula you’ve loved and known for 25 years, whilst doing our best to tackle the inexcusable global issue of food waste?... The answer… We let you take the food home with you!

A jug of lemonade with lemons surround it on the table

We're opening the door to a fairer world. At the end of each service, all untouched food that is of service quality will be decanted into sealed, air tight containers and left in our open fridge. Anyone who wishes to take something home can help themselves free of charge. Any monetary donations will go to our chosen charity, The Chartwell Cancer Trust, of which we are patrons of. 

Now you really can have your cake, and eat it too. By taking something from our open fridge scheme, not only are you helping to combat the global issue of food waste, you're also able to enjoy Fayre Do's catering off set, as much as you do on set. This is like taking Owner, Jamie, and Executive Chef, Paul home with you to be your own personal chefs!

Fayre Do's afternoon tea and cake

Devour a Fayre Do’s Beer Battered Loin of Cod with Homemade Tartar Sauce whilst laying horizontal on your sofa... Smash a Smoky Three Bean Chilli, Lentil Dhal, Vegan Roast on the train home? Gobble a Vegetable tagine served with spiced couscous on the way to the gym? It’s your choice. Just be sure to act quick. It's finders keepers and it doesn't stay full for long. 

Food decanted into takeaway portions for Fayres Do's open fridge scheme

When you think about it, ending food waste is a piece of cake. It only takes small changes in each of our lives to save more food. However, until more people understand how those small changes can add up to make a better world, we need to keep talking about the problem.

Together, we can make a difference and empower others to make the small changes that can have a huge impact on the food waste problem! We hope our open fridge scheme will have a positive impact on our community, making life a little sweeter for everyone.

Got a sweet tooth for a fairer world? Book your next production catering with Fayre Do's.  

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